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European Merchant Banking and the Meridian Effect

Meridian Merchant Capital Canada Ltd. is different. Meridian follows the European tradition, firmly believing that the way to succeed is to lend our full support to our clients. That means that in addition to financing your business we put in place the right people and skills to ensure that your company will prosper in the long run. As your company grows Meridian will be there to provide the right support and resources at the right time.

We believe that Merchant Banking is about building a relationship, not just executing a transaction. As a result our goal is to increase shareholder value for our client companies.

The European Merchant Banks grew to prominence during 17th and 18th centuries as the European colonies in the Americas and Asia flourished. During this time adventurer traders traveled the world in order to bring exotic goods back to Europe. Behind the traders were Merchant Bankers who ensured the commercial success of the adventurers; by financing their expeditions, and then negotiating and implementing trade transactions on their return.

The term “Merchant Banker” refers to successful merchants or businessmen who would support, advise, and finance other merchants or businessmen in scenarios where bank financing wasn’t available.  Meridian’s role in the 21rst Century is to support mid-market businesses in situations where conventional bank financing is a challenge or simply not available.  Our unique team of “merchants” (business owners) and “bankers” knows what alternative capital sources are looking for and how to present your business opportunity to them effectively.  We put the “right people, together with the right money, at the right time” – that is The Meridian Effect, an effect that can have a tremendous positive impact on your company.

Since the 17th and 18th centuries, the term "merchant banker", as it is used in Europe, has broadened to include the full range of modern day business roles: management and financial advisor, deal structurer, financier and transaction broker. It is this level of care that is the cornerstone of how we do our business.