Brendon Perron


Brendon Perron

Brendon Perron is an inspirational business and community leader who combines his eight year major chartered bank background with a commitment to community innovation, service, and entrepreneurship



Founder of consulting and advisory firm All 4 Your Future Inc Brendon has also been a key leader of the Okanagan Circular Society a visionary initiative with the purpose of co-creating a regenerative, just, peaceful, and equitable Okanagan community. The Society integrates circular practices and organizational patterns that tap creativity, foster well-being, and advance community resiliency.

Brendon has held leadership positions in and supported various non-profits and has a particular passion for solving the opioid crisis in Canada, particularly in British Columbia.

A volunteer firefighter, Brendon was also a college level competitive athlete before completing his business degree at Okanagan College.

Skilled in finance, decision-making, credit, investments, leadership, corporate strategy, project management, and growth planning, Brendon is well positioned to transition Meridian’s 15 year history into the post-COVID-19 new world of conscious capitalism.

Brendon’s motto, “Let’s go change the world.”