Catherine North


Catherine North

I specialize in developing resilient, high performing leaders and teams. My clients develop the skills to recover quickly from challenges and setbacks by improving their capacity to respond to disruption. They improve their ability to work through ambiguity and achieve optimal outcomes.



Catherine North is a Certified Coach and Organizational Development Consultant who specializes in personal resilience, organizational performance and effective leadership.

Catherine’s vision: “Leaders and teams who realize their goals and dreams.”
Catherine’s mission: “To propel purpose-driven professionals toward their infinite potential by cultivating personal resilience, organizational performance and effective leadership.

To achieve this vision, Catherine utilizes evidence based tools and resources to understand, assess, co-design, implement, and evaluate drivers of human and organizational performance. Areas of expertise include Organizational and leadership development, quality improvement, coaching, psychology, change management, and stakeholder engagement.

Over the course of her career, Catherine has supported change and improvement in quality, access and availability of health care. Her experiences range from developing award-winning health promotion programs to supporting capital projects with BC’s health authorities, Doctors of BC, BC Ministry of Health, and non-profit organizations.

As a result of working together, Catherine’s clients take action toward their desired future. They recover quickly from challenges and setbacks, improve their capacity to respond to disruption, and effectively work through ambiguity to achieve optimal outcomes.

Clients and colleagues know Catherine as someone who is strategic, analytical, innovative, and always willing to respectfully challenge the status-quo to foster meaningful growth and development from the individual to the system level. Improve peak performance and your business’ bottom line with Catherine North Consulting & Company.