Dave Loney


Dave Loney

Increasing Leader’s Profitability & Performance by Maximizing



In the Coaching and Transformation Business for over 30 years.

• Co-Founder of Multi-Million training company in over 35 countries
• Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
• Author of book on Emotional Fitness for Men
• Creator of the Stress to Strength Program
• Master Certified Birkman Consultant

It can feel isolating at the top, I know, I’ve been there before. I was frustrated by the amount of energy it took to do my best work, and I was not making time to recover, to stay on top, and to work from my unique strengths. It’s taken some hard knocks to discover that work and the accumulation of wealth are secondary to being–to experiencing the flow and freedom of my true and deepest self.

→ Nobody should have to “go it alone” in business. Let me help you make the changes that matter and lead through the tough times with confidence—because you are the difference. Email me at Dave@daveloney.com

My passion for helping leaders to be their best at work and at home began when I was 25 years old in the training department of a transnational food company. After feeling the same burnt out feeling many other leaders have felt, I founded Global Legacy Strategies. I employ a unique and potent skill set to guide clients
to become more effective leaders who are better equipped to tackle complex executive responsibilities.

As a trusted guide and confidant, I work with you to:
• Define and align your personal and organizational goals
• Move you from stress into strength
• Mitigate your challenges and overcome obstacles
• Create development strategies to improve your leadership skills to resolve personal and team conflict.