John Elson

P. ENG (retired)

John Elson

John P.C. Elson, P. ENG (retired) is an esteemed business leader, executive, engineer, project manager, and entrepreneur who has successfully navigated senior executive positions in various industries, large and small corporations, government and educational institutions both domestically and internationally.



He has also been a successful angel investor, developer, start-up entrepreneur and advisor.
As an advisor to Leggera Group John brings his decades of experience including direct line responsibility for the successful Project Management of major projects in the environment, urban, resource, real estate, utility, energy, mining, education, aqua-culture, corrosion prevention and control and waste management fields. He has particular strength in leadership, planning, finance, staffing and overall execution.

John’s countless successes include:

  • the expansion of Fort McMurray associated with the Syncrude Canada Project – $350,000,000 The urban impact/planning for Alsands and OSLO – $2,000,000,000 Phase 1 of the Harbour Square Project in Toronto – $500,000,000
  • The scoping and initial development of Canada’s first and only completely integrated Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility – $75,000,000

  • The establishment and operation of a Business Consulting Firm
  • The successful launching of a Public Company on the Alberta Stock Exchange
  • The successful relocation of Athabasca University from Edmonton to Athabasca, Alberta
  • A successful `lobbyist’ on behalf of the energy and real estate industries, influencing legislation and regulations
  • The development of Underground Storage Reservoirs for Natural Gas in S.W. Ontario

John is also responsible for the completion of numerous Business Plans & Programs, Investment & Cash Flow Analysis and Feasibility Studies in, and for start-ups, both primary and secondary industries as well as the service sector, including specifically plans and studies in resource and environmental management, manufacturing, product and real estate development, M & A.

John has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.