Paul Rosenberg


Paul Rosenberg

Award-Winning Transformational Leadership & Performance Acceleration. Unforgettable Keynotes & Training. Over $100M+ROI



Paul is the guy you want on your team…he’s a leader, a manager, a coach, and a mentor who lifts the performance of the people around him. He’s also one of the most positive influences on corporate culture I have ever worked with” Tony Shaw, CEO and Founder, Datatversity

Paul Rosenberg is an award-winning and sought-after leadership coach, business developer, and speaker. With over 25 years of extensive experience across multiple industries and continents, he has established a unique track record which ties leadership development to tangible performance improvement. Working with front line supervision to the C-Suite, he brings depth and experience in skill development and execution.

Notable accomplishments

  • Having lived on every continent except Antarctica, Paul’s unique global skill set has brought clients over $100MM in performance improvements as a transformational leadership coach and consultant.
  • Clients include Fortune 500 and Global leaders such as American Airlines, BP, Nutrien, Honeywell, Texas A&M University, Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Author of the top-rated book: Rogue Leadership: Harnessing Headwinds to Drive Performance
  • Led first marketing joint venture in the former USSR with the architect of Perestroika under Gorbachev
  • Visiting Professor (In Spanish) Grad Program at one of Chile’s top universities (U. de Concepcion)
  • Guest Lecturer Universities globally
  • Host: Rogue Leadership Channel (You Tube) and Innovators and “Influencers and Innovators” interview series