Bachar Samawi


Bachar Samawi

Founder & CEO, ESG Investment Strategist, Author & Poet at Bachar Samawi Innovations / Bachar Samawi Ventures



With current focus on ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) and broad international business exposure, unique core skills & in-depth hands-on expertise in several fields, I always look forward to connect with other professionals to seek new ventures, investments, opportunities and broaden my horizon & knowledge base.

In alignment with my philosophy, I strategize within the ESG space to link vision, innovation, projects, commercialization and funding,

In the role of business sparring partner, I also support top executives to achieve greater success in structuring, negotiating and modeling optimal financial investments, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, greenfield projects and joint-ventures, with focus on ESG, energy, technology, investment management/trading/finance, agro and real estate.

In addition to my core expertise, during my free time, I am a writing and poetry enthusiast, having recently published a concise hardcover book, SmileRise: A Very Short Poem. Currently I am also working on a movie Screenplay and a long-term writing project consisting of a 22-Chapter Non-Fiction book I am authoring (Self- Development/Psychology/Leadership/Philosophy).