Caleb West

Marketing expert

Caleb West

Caleb has been able to create the financial and relational environments for his clients where they feel they they are achieving premium value from a premium real estate development and wealth structuring leader.



Our ideal client’s trust their experts, have excellent existing relationships spanning decades with others and have a desire to add value, not just extract it. The focus of ElzenWest Development Partners to integrate innovative designs and excellence in execution so that everyone they work with prosper. Clients that we add the most value to own land and are eager to have an exit from its current state to either long term rental or new development sales.

We are able to create predictable results by consistently creating a working dynamic for our team so they are nearly always and only in their “working geniuses”; the things that give us energy where we are at our highest and best use. This allows us to create a working collective of industry experts to vertically integrate. We focus on recruiting and retaining experts that we can equip, enable and empower to deliver excellent work for those who entrust us to so. Our value proposition begins in deal and building design and extends to asset management and self sustainable wealth planning. In addition, we are also able to assist with nearly any stage of a current real estate project but prefer deals we can begin from the conceptualization

Our clients receive the most value when they authorize the agreement for at least 3 of the listed items below

  • Building and Deal Design
  • Deal Orchestration-Legal, Raise, Debt & Equity, Compliance, Disclosure, Investor Relations & Distributions
  • Sales & Marketing-Pre Sales List, Leases, Sale Management,Domestic and Foreign Project Marketing
  • Project Reviews of existing site layouts, infrastructure, engineering, interior design specifications and off shore alternatives & logistics
  • Construction Material sourcing- Because we purchase tens of millions of products each year, we are able to broker significant savings for key materials such as lumber, electrical, cladding & roofing etc.

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