David Munier


David Munier

President at Fulcrum Environmental Solutions; President at TACT



David Meunier is serial entrepreneur and business management expert who has led many companies in reaching their goals and achieving success. Throughout his career, he has focused his attention on the key components of business operations; developing a proven methodology for optimizing productivity and efficiency. From strategic planning and execution, to front-line implementation and on through the analysis of outcomes and financial impact, he correlates corporate achievement to the people tasked with meeting objectives. Fortune 500 companies from across North America can attest to the effectiveness of his approach and his personal skills in achieving tangible results.


Fulcrum Environmental is a private Canadian CleanTech. Fulcrum was established in 2011 with the acquisition of the global Intellectual Property (IP) rights to a revolutionary green technology proven effective at converting various hydrocarbon-rich resource and waste materials into valuable refined products.

TACT is Canada’s most sought after Automotive Management Training and Consulting groups – providing business solutions to shop owners across the country. The success of TACT students is directly attributable to the common sense approach taken to managing every aspect of day-to-day operations; starting in the bays and working its way through to the income statement.