Jeff Palumbo

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Palumbo

Mr. Palumbo is a highly creative business and technology expert. His extensive experience across many disciplines throughout his career enables him to understand complex issues and arrive at well-positioned solutions.



Palumbo’s professional career encompasses an array of disciplines while working with clients across many vertices. Palumbo has advised thousands of companies since 1999 as well as dozens of public companies in M&A, technology, and marketing. He serves as the Chief Technology officer for Green Hygienics Holdings (OTC:GRYN) and advises other public companies as CTO. Palumbo’s entrepreneurial work is not strictly limited to technology and business solutions. He also has a history of philanthropic leadership, co-founding the Believe for Boey Foundation, a nonprofit to aid families suffering from pediatric cancer, in 2007.

In 2009, he founded the nonprofit KIDlanthropy to assist parents, teachers, and leaders in raising philanthropic children. Mr. Palumbo has been a mentor with Lighthouse Labs (ranked among the top 10 Business incubators in the USA) since its inception. Mr. Palumbo is a mentor with Start-up Virginia a nonprofit business accelerator. In June 2019 Mr. Palumbo co-founded NPOLaunchpad, a nonprofit incubator helping early-stage non-profits gain education, exposure, and access to capital. In August 2019 NPOLaunchpad partnered with Virginia Commonwealth University to provide office space and curriculum oversight to the nonprofit cohort. Palumbo founded the first music entertainment and creative arts incubator in the USA (I.M.E.C.A), BEVINC the first private beverage incubator, and Catapult a military conference and incubator with the US NAVY,