Olivier Aubin



Digital Transformation | AI & ML | Advisor | Speaker



Olivier Aubin is a technology leader with 20+ years’ experience across diverse industries. Building on his experience in pipeline control systems, safety engineering, and cybersecurity, he continued to push the boundaries of software with his work at Google and Waymo. He worked on massive scale datasets to develop machine learning models for autonomous on-road vehicles.

Olivier is a co-founder of Dianomix, a Calgary-based start-up which develops cost-effective last-mile autonomous delivery solutions for community retailers. He provides strategic advice on the development of AI and the design of software systems that address the real-world impact of critical decisions.

Olivier joined Improving in 2021 to bring his experience to bear in start-up and enterprise environments, providing strategic leadership to teams in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software development. He is an occasional instructor at the University of Calgary, guest speaker, and mentor to students through academic-industry partnerships.