Meridian announces Fall Launch Event with VA Angels Conference

9 September 2013by Admin0

(Calgary, Alberta) Meridian International Merchant Capital Inc. announced today sponsorship of the EPIC Conference, to be held in Calgary September 10-12, hosted by Canada’s premiere angel investment organization, The VA Angels.

“As a 10 year member of VA Angels, and the President of the Kelowna Chapter, it seemed like a natural fit to get Meridian involved in the EPIC Conference,” said Meridian co-founder and Managing Director Randy Lennon.

As part of the sponsorship, Meridian will host an evening reception on September 10 for all the delegates and invited guests of Meridian. The reception guests will be treated to refreshments and the culinary creations of Gold Seal International Chef Michael Lyon (co-host of The Food Network show “Chef-Off”) and meet the entire Meridian International team and four client companies seeking investment:

An International Oil Re-recycling Company

A Calgary based Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company

A Mississippi based world class Hotel and Casino Project

A Calgary based SAGD Oil Sands Project

“Randy Lennon and Meridian have been great supporters of the VA Angels over the years and we are thrilled to have them as a conference sponsor,” commented Founder and Chairman of VA Angels, Randy Thompson.

The Entrepreneurs and Private Investors in Canada Conference, otherwise known as EPIC, is Canada’s go to gathering for facilitating these conversations.

EPIC is three days of un-conference style discussion, about getting in, maintaining, and getting out (exiting) of your investments. It is as much a chance to share as it is a chance to learn.

Why an un-conference? Because it is a participant driven gathering where open discussion, idea generation and problem solving is encouraged by the facilitators. It’s a chance for all participants to actively get involved and provide feedback beyond a Q&A. At EPIC we will talk about the latest trends in investing and angel groups – everything from due diligence, to determining new venture quality, sharing knowledge on how to get a deal done.

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