10 April 2021

The entrepreneurial 65‐year‐old founder of a 25‐year‐old trucking company generating revenues of $8.5 million and EBITDA of just under $3 million wanted to retire and sell his company. He felt it was worth $10 million on the open market,

10 April 2021

The owners of a 25 year old pressure vessel manufacturing company serving the oil industry in Alberta were experiencing significant growth and a shortage of high grade welders. They had identified an automated welding machine in

1 March 2021

(Trail, British Columbia) Meridian Impact Partners Inc. (MIP) today announced its decision to locate its new headquarters in Trail, British Columbia in the heart of The Kootenays. An international

8 June 2014

So how do you go about obtain-ing proper value for your businesswhen it’s time for you to let it go andmove on? And to whom doyou sell it? Perhaps you have somechoices.For example, yoursons or daughters who mayor may not be the best qualified to run it.