Meridian Impact Partners Inc.

1 March 2021by Admin0

Meridian Impact Partners Inc.
Locates Headquarters in Trail BC

(Trail, British Columbia) Meridian Impact Partners Inc. (MIP) today announced its decision to locate its new headquarters in Trail, British Columbia in the heart of The Kootenays.  An international advisory/consulting/merchant capital firm that brings together the extensive experience and expertise of the former Meridian Merchant Capital, Candor Business Consulting, and All 4 Your Future to provide services to small and medium enterprises in Canada and around the world. 

Founded by entrepreneur and finance industry veteran Randy Lennon, MIP’s mission and vision is to empower small and medium enterprises to flourish and grow, with particular emphasis on entrepreneurs and businesses that make a positive IMPACT.  Portfolio companies can include social impact, community impact, environmental impact, and generally includes any company that practices or aspires to the fundamental principles of conscious capitalism.

MIP is a new model of support for entrepreneurs in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Merging Baby Boomer experience and expertise with Millennial innovation and the 2020’s new reality, MIP is built on a foundation of “Advisor/Strategists” (ADS) from diverse fields of business who can form teams to assess the needs of Portfolio companies and then implement tactics and strategies to move these dynamic businesses to the next level.

The principals and ADS of MIP have literally hundreds of years of experience in a wide range of industries and bring particular expertise in preparing companies to finance growth.  From start-up to ramp-up to scale-up to exit MIP can pull together the right team and resources to effectively plan and execute.

MIP draws on a broad base of “real world” expertise that translates to balanced and cost effective solutions for growth. Particular specialties are facilitating growth capital, management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, and adapting business plans to a fast changing business environment.   MIP can also facilitate other capital events in companies related to transition and/or succession of entrepreneurial founders.

MIC is proud to be re-inventing the relationship between entrepreneurs and capital sources!

Why Trail BC for MIP Head Quarters?

Part of the vision of MIP is to start recovery/rural retreat centres that act as a new platform for community mixed with a co-working, accelerator, circular, and private equity plus a new banking model opportunity to empower rural communities.  The model provides a direct path for small communities to access capital markets and to evolve as COVID-19 and other trends drive migration from larger to smaller centres.

Dreamers will no longer need to go to the big city to access conscious capitalism.

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