Nordic ESG Investor, AVG Group Sarl to Issue First Dividend Within Seven Months of Launch

10 November 2021by Admin0

OSLO, Norway and LUXEMBOURG, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AVG Group Sarl (AVG), a client of Meridian Impact Partners, through its investment fund, the Nordic ESG and Impact Fund SCSp (the “Fund”) is set to issue its first dividend back to investors within the first seven months of operation. The Fund launched on 01 March 2021 with a strategic focus on the Nordics where energy transition technology (Climate Solutions) is abundant.

“We are excited to announce that our Fund is exceeding our expected returns and that the energy transition is well underway. The credit goes to our underwriting team and the portfolio companies relentless push for growth,” says Karl Andersen, the Fund’s CEO.

The Nordic governments, especially Norway, have added more financial support to renewable energy initiatives with the announcement of another round of $1,000,000,000 USD in the Climate Initiate Fund during the month of September alone.

Custom ESG and Impact Reports

AVG has also announced the first customized Investor ESG report, that accompanies quarterly financial statements. The Fund has created a report that utilizes international standard ESG metrics such as, the World Economic Forum and SASB, and created a process so that investors can appreciate their specific contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions. “Until now, most ESG funds simply create a report about the Investment Manager and their portfolio company holdings but fail to address each investors specific contribution. AVG supplies a personalized and customized report to specifically describe how the investors contributed to carbon reduction. We need to simplify this market so it can be more inclusive,” says CEO, Karl Andersen.

AVG Group Sarl

AVG manages the Nordic ESG and Impact Fund SCSp (the “Fund”). With offices in New York, Oslo and Luxembourg, the team delivers a global approach to ESG and Impact investing.

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