Meridian advises industrial scale blockchain and cryptocurrency mining operation

13 May 2022by Admin0

(Kimberley, British Columbia) Meridian Impact Partners Inc. today announced an engagement with Toolitech Inc., a game changing Kimberley BC based private company that is leasing a large industrial mine site from a major Canadian mining company to mine cryptocurrency and provide other blockchain services ON AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE USING ULTRA LOW COST RENEWABLE, GREEN POWER. The recent crash of Bitcoin makes large scale industrial mining more competitive with smaller mining operations that don’t have the scale or access to low cost power.

“I recently entered by 6th decade as an entrepreneur and investor in private companies, including the past 16 years as a member first, and later president of two chapters of Canada’s leading angel investment group, now called Valhalla Angels. I have reviewed thousands of private investment opportunities and personally attended or presided over 1,000 investor presentations,” explained Meridian CEO Randy Lennon. “Never before have I seen a company in early revenue generation stage, with the potential for such significant, scalable growth, valued at only $11 million.”

“As part of the celebration of Meridian’s 1 year anniversary as a Trail, BC based international advisory firm, we are very excited to engage with this compelling local company that we expect will have a long term impact on employment and economic growth in the Kootenay region of BC,” added Lennon.

For further information about Toolitech please contact or call 403-831-9720.

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